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You can write some fanfictions about Vulpin Adventure and introduce your VA OCs in here. This is a kingdom full of weird children that write stories about VA-related stuff and weird things. Also we do a lot of random things like the article Monster 9/11. (Please don't read that)

Vulpin Adventure? What's that?

You don't know what VA is? Well then why are you here??? Vulpin Adventure is an Online 2D Flash RPG game created by the talented Artist Firequill in the year 2010.

The game is quite simple- Guide your own customizable Vulpin though various dangerous areas looking for the missing pieces of the legendary Starstone, while fighting monsters in one-on-one combat. Along the way, you'll buy and obtain various new skills and items, find mysterious maps and hidden challenges.

What is this wiki about?

Well glad you asked! (if you didn't then...) This wiki is about creating your own fanfic about Vulpin Adventure and creating OCs. Your stories can be so bad that no one reads it, but you can improve you writing skill and learn from the mistake you made. Release your creativity or whatever.

Remember that other people have opinions, and don't get mad if they give you criticism or you will never change. And if you give criticism and they kindly tell you they don't accept those, don;t get mad and just accept it. Just be calm and be civil to other people.

Stories can be divide into Action, Humor, Romance, NSFW (Not safe for work), Horror, Adventure, and many more you can think about! Stories can be extremely short or they can be a long story. This wiki is about fan creations, not actual real info from Vulpin Adventure.

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